Sale Consignments from Larson Acres

To the 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Great Northern, May 29

Larson Acres has consigned an IVF session with Lars-Acres Max Atlanta-ET

+1177DWP$  +2893GTPI  +815NM#

Lars-Acres Miss America HF43486 .jpg

Her Dam:

Lars-Acres Miss America  VG-86 VG-MS at 3-06

2-01 3x 298 27,820 4.3 1187 3.1 876       sired by ABS Raiden-ET

+2711G +1481M +67F +38P +641NM  +5.4PL  +2710 DWP$

Dam: T-Gen-AC Miss Alabama-ET  VG-85

          3-00 3x 332 34,180 4.1 1387 3.1 1049

2nd Dam: Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET  EX-91 GMD DOM

          2-03 2x 365 31,750 4.3 1368 3.3 1060

• Daughters on the ground by Lionel, Arrowhead, Try Me and

   Maximus and she is bred to Top Dog

• 10 daughters average +2815G and average +930 DWP$

• A2A2 daughters:

   Lars-Acres Amarillo ET (by Maximus), +3028G  +1072 DWP$

   Lars-Acres Maximus Atlanta ET, +2885G  +1183 DWP$

• Currently flushing Lars-Acres Arrow Aurora ET (by Arrowhead), 

  +2828 GBPI +1123DWP$; she has calves coming sired by

   Payload, Tribute, Regal, Gameday and Faneca

• Calves coming by Conway are sure to be fantastic!

• 1 son currently in AI - 566H1330 Lars-Acres Always Right

   (by Tahiti), A2A2 at IPS