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Sale Consignments from Larson Acres

2023 Project Calf Tag Sale - March 23, 2023

Sale hosted on

LOT 1 - Summer Yearling

Lars-Acres Mstr Lockdown-ET

born 6/16/22     Tag #27680

Master x Lars-Acres GW Atwd Lilac EX-93

LOT 3 - Fall Calf

Lars-Acres Master Locket-ET

born 9/6/22     Tag #28022

Master x Lars-Acres GW Atwd Lilac EX-93

LOT 2 - Fall Calf

Lars-Acres Unix Flannel-ET

born 9/1/22     Tag #27956

Unix x Lars-Acres Doorman Fruity EX-91

LOT 4 - Fall Calf

Lars-Acres Latenight Show

born 9/9/22     Tag #28034

Showtime x Lars-Acres Doorman Lava VG-87

LOT 5 - Fall Calf

Ms Show All That-Red

born 9/11/22     Tag#28058

Showtime x Kamps-Rx Apple August-ET x KHW Regiment Apple B-Red-ETN

LOT 6 - Winter Calf

Lars-Acres Sandra Ann-ET

born 12/1/22     Tag#28276

Showtime x S-S-I LA TG 17985 Sandra-ET EX-93

LOT 7 - Winter Calf

Lars-Acres Sandra Sue-ET

born 12/1/22     Tag#28295

Showtime x S-S-I LA TG 17985 Sandra-ET EX-93

LOT 8 - Winter Calf

Lars-Acres Warrior Times

born 12/1/22     Tag#28318

Warrior x Lars-Acres DB Tinsely VG-85

LOT 9 - Winter Calf

Lars-Acres Tstr Friction-ET

born 12/4/22     Tag#28343

Thunder Storm x Lars-Acres Airlift Fareway EX-92

Lars-Acres Artist Lantana

3rd Jr., Jr. B&O, 8th Spring Calf, WI Champ. Show

2nd Jr. & Open, District 6 Holstein Show

6th Spring Calf, Wisconsin State Fair

Maternal sister to Lots 1 and 3

HF50563 Lars-Acres D Lombardi-ET.jpg

Lars-Acres D Lombardi VG-88-2Y

1st B&O, 7th Jr. 3-Year-Old, Int. Jr. Holstein Show

Maternal sister to Lots 1 and 3

Her full sister’s Showtime fall calf sells as Lot 4

Lars-Acres Dvr Leading Lady

Calf Champion, Wisconsin State Fair 

HM Holstein Heifer Champ., Wisconsin State Fair

3rd Jr., Jr. B&O, 4th Fall Calf, WI Champ. Show

Supreme Champion Heifer, Rock County Fair

Granddaughter of Lars-Acres Gw Atwd Lilac EX-93

HFL20511 Lars-Acres Airlift Fareway.jpg

Lars-Acres Airlift Fareway EX-92

2021 Reserve Jr. All-Wisconsin 

2021 Res. Grand Champ. of Jr. Show, District 6

2019 Reserve Jr. All-Wisconsin

Her Thunderstorm winter calf sells as Lot 9!

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