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Lars-Acres Delta Ferrari-ET HF41316 .jpg

• 7HO14786 Lars-Acres Freightliner-ET (sired by Jared), 

   +2746G  +662DWP$  +628NM$

Lars-Acres Delta Ferrari-ET EX-91 VEEVE 2E DOM 

+2792G +1022M +63F +35P +922NM +7.2PL

3-04 3x 365 42,630 4.4 1892 3.2 1368

Delta x VG-85 DOM Shamrock x EX-91 Freddie x 

VG-89 DOM Boliver x EX-92 GMD DOM Durham Felice


• Currently has 19 daughters in the herd that average +2718 GTPI

• Fayth (sired by Biggelo), +2894G  +849 DWP$  738 NM$ 

• Flyte (sired by Big Dollars), +2754G  +1005 DWP$  7124 NM$

Sons in AI:

• 7HO14705 Lars-Acres CC Finishline-ET (sired by Copycat),

   +2856G  +1076DWP$  +882NM$

• Freightliner & Flatbed info below


• 14HO14785 Lars-Acres Jared Flatbed-ET (sired by Jared), 

    A2A2  +2782G  +825DWP$  +698NM$

Miss America - she is fresh again!

Lars-Acres Miss America HF43486 .jpg

Lars-Acres Miss America  VG-86 VG-MS at 3-06

2-01 3x 298 27,820 4.3 1187 3.1 876       sired by ABS Raiden-ET

+2711G +1481M +67F +38P +641NM  +5.4PL  +2710 DWP$

Dam: T-Gen-AC Miss Alabama-ET  VG-85

          3-00 3x 332 34,180 4.1 1387 3.1 1049

2nd Dam: Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET  EX-91 GMD DOM

          2-03 2x 365 31,750 4.3 1368 3.3 1060

• Daughters on the ground by Lionel, Arrowhead, Try Me and

   Maximus and she is bred to Top Dog

• 10 daughters average +2815G and average +930 DWP$

• A2A2 daughters:

   Lars-Acres Amarillo ET (by Maximus), +3028G  +1072 DWP$

   Lars-Acres Maximus Atlanta ET, +2885G  +1183 DWP$

• Currently flushing Lars-Acres Arrow Aurora ET (by Arrowhead), 

  +2828 GBPI +1123DWP$; she has calves coming sired by

   Payload, Tribute, Regal, Gameday and Faneca

• Calves coming by Conway are sure to be fantastic!

• 1 son currently in AI - 566H1330 Lars-Acres Always Right

   (by Tahiti), A2A2 at IPS

Two young cows we are working with:

HFB13220 Siemers Imax Roz 28180-ET.jpg

Siemers Imax Roz 28180-ET  VG-85 at 3-07 (2nd lact.)

sired by Silverridge V Imax-ET          

+2702G +1082M +69F +35P +606NM  +4.9PL 

Dam: Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann-ET  EX-92 GMD DOM

          3-07 2x 365 38,110 3.5 1352 3.1 1195

2nd Dam: Siemers S-Sire Roz-Anne-ET  VG-85 GMD DOM

          1-11 3x 365 46,730 3.4 1567 3.0 1423

• She is just fresh with her second calf and is off to a terrific start!

• Daughters on the ground by Legacy, Magnitude, Try Me, Cascade, Nacash, Maximus.

• Calves coming soon by Gameday, Rashan, Supercharge and Tribute

HFL19313 Siemers S-S-I LA 20311-ET.jpg

Siemers S-S-I LA 20311-ET  VG-86 VG-MS at 2-06

1-10 3x 365 32,560 5.0 1617 3.6 1177      sired by Peak Hotline-ET        

+2796G +1195M +101F +57P +614NM  

Dam: Siemers Doors S-Rozannn-ET  VG-86 GMD

          3-06 3x 365 58,520 4.6 2719 3.2 1853

2nd Dam: Siemers S-Sire Rozanne-ET  VG-86 GMD DOM

          2-01 3x 365 46,730 4.3 2001 3.1 1471

• Rozann has calves on the ground by Legacy, Cascade, Solution and Polymer with an average of +2815G.

• Currently flushing a couple of her daughters successfully

Lars-Acres SSI 22705-ET    

(Rome x Slamdunk)

• She is due soon to 250H15152 Ahead and has offspring by Granada and Roskoz. We will soon be working with her Granada daughter that is +2957G, +1197 DWP$, and +840NM$.

We currently have 534 females over +1000 DWP$! 

Lars-Acres CB Taunting-ET    

(Cannonball x Frazzled)

• +2859G   +1115 DWP$  +801 NM$

Lars-Acres Fut Showme-ET    

(Future x VG-87 Manton)

• Due this spring to 250H15152 Ahead and currently flushing her daughters by Magnitude and Rosko

Larson-Acres Bulls in AI

7HO14951 Lars-Acres SSI Stannis-ET    

(Nugent x VG-88 Frazzled x VG-86 Monterey)

14HO15067 Lars-Acres Sltn Exrated-ET


(Solution x EX-90 Franchise x VG-85 Topsy)

534HO190 Lars-Acres Hode Traiano-ET 

(Hodedoe x VG-85 Modesty x VG-87 Jabir)

551HO405 Lars-Acres Marengo-ET

A2A2 at STgenetics 

(Conway x GP-80 Aztec x Frazzled with 2-01 305 36,570 1026F 838P)

George Millers Dam 1.jpg

Maternal Brothers:

14HO15890 Lars-Acres SSI C Styrian-ET

Sired by Conway

7HO15807 Lars-Acres George Miller-ET

Sired by Taos

Their dam (pictured):

Lars-Acres SSI 22899  VG-85

Sired by Legacy

+2873G  +1013DWP$  +935NM$

Genomic Leaders of Larson Acres

Others we are working with:

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