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Lars-Acres Delta Ferrari-ET HF41316 .jpg
Lars-Acres Biggelo Fayth-ET HFL22119.jpg

Lars-Acres Biggelo Fayth-ET  VG-85

+2911 GTPI  +814 DWP$  +881 NM$


Lars-Acres Delta Ferrari-ET EX-91 VEEVE 2E DOM 

+2792G +1022M +63F +35P +922NM +7.2PL

3-04 3x 365 42,630 4.4 1892 3.2 1368

Delta x VG-85 DOM Shamrock x EX-91 Freddie x 

VG-89 DOM Boliver x EX-92 GMD DOM Durham Felice


• Currently has 35 daughters in the herd that average +2802 GTPI

Sons in AI:

• 7HO14705 Lars-Acres CC Finishline-ET (sired by Copycat),

   +2856G  +1076DWP$  +882NM$

• 7HO14786 Lars-Acres Freightliner-ET (sired by Jared), 

   +2746G  +662DWP$  +628NM$

• 14HO14785 Lars-Acres Jared Flatbed-ET (sired by Jared), 

    A2A2  +2782G  +825DWP$  +698NM$

Lars-Acres Big Flyte-ET grz HFL22117 .jpg

Lars-Acres Big Flyte-ET  GP-81  (sired by Big Dollars)

+2808 GTPI  +1222 DWP$  +1008 NM$


Miss America - she is fresh again!

Lars-Acres Miss America HF43486 .jpg
Lars-Acres Max Amarillo-ET grz HFL24062 .jpg

Lars-Acres Max Amarillo-ET  VG-85

Sired by Maximus

2-02 305ME 39,230 1083F 932P


Lars-Acres Miss America  VG-86 VG-MS at 3-06

2-01 3x 298 27,820 4.3 1187 3.1 876       sired by ABS Raiden-ET

+2711G +1481M +67F +38P +641NM  +5.4PL  +2710 DWP$

Dam: T-Gen-AC Miss Alabama-ET  VG-85

          3-00 3x 332 34,180 4.1 1387 3.1 1049

2nd Dam: Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET  EX-91 GMD DOM

          2-03 2x 365 31,750 4.3 1368 3.3 1060

• 17 daughters average +2818G, +940 DWP$ and +897 NM$

Lars-Acres Arrow Aurora-ET grz HFL21993 .jpg

Lars-Acres Arrow Aurora-ET  GP-82  

Sired by Arrowhead

+2769 GTPI  +1250 DWP$  +969 NM$

2-02 305 34,430M 1091F 758P


December 2023 Genomic Highlights

#1 DWP$ (over 24 months)

Lars-Acres Granda Marili-ET grz HFL24648 .jpg

#1 - Lars-Acres Granda Marili-ET  GP-82   

(Granada x GP-80 Rome)   pictured to the left

+2935 GTPI  +1450 DWP$  +1052NM$

• Daughters by Kashton, Mashak, Elon, Crusher, Frostbite, Kahn, Huhon and Cumulus

#10 - Lars-Acres Parsly Floral-ET    

   (Parlsly x Big Dollar)

   +2959 GTPI  +1355 DWP$  +1030 NM$

#14 - Lars-Acres Bigdolla Kinzy    

   (Big Dollar x Delroy)

   +2748 GTPI  +1346 DWP$  +931 NM$

DWP$ (6-24 months) - 7 made the list

#3 - Lars-Acres Frost Easy    

   (Frostbite x VG-85 Tahiti)

   +3113 GTPI  +1534 DWP$  +1263 NM$

#18 - Lars-Acres Frostbit Aloe-ET    

   (Frostbite x Arrowhead)

   +2912 GTPI  +1478 DWP$  +1170 NM$

DWP$ (under 6 months) - 3 made the list

#2 - Lars-Acres Elvin Andi-ET  (Elvin x Gameday)

     +3133 GTPI  +1586 DWP$  +1314 NM$

Others we will be working with soon
Whatever index you like, we have heifers to choose from

We currently have 17 females over 1300DWP$ and 16 head over 1400DWP$

Lars-Acres Kahn Rosita +3210 GTPI

Lars-Acres Hayk Flavia-ET +3189GTPI

Lars-Acres Elvin Andi-ET +1314NM$

Lars-Acres Frost Easy +1263NM$

Lars-Acres Kahn Flora-ET +1230 NM$

Larson-Acres Bulls in AI

George Millers Dam 1.jpg

7HO15807 Lars-Acres George Miller-ET

Sired by Taos

His dam (pictured):

Lars-Acres SSI 22899  VG-85

Sired by Legacy

+2873G  +1013DWP$  +935NM$

7H14705 Lars-Acres CC Finishline-ET

Copycat x Delta

7H16174 Lars-Acres SSI GD Raiton-ET

Gameday x Renegade

14H16748 Lars-Acres SSI Fritzlan-ET

Overdo x Moonshiner

14H16592 Lars-Acres M Bob Ross-P-ET

Mashak x Magnitude

Genomic Leaders of Larson Acres

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